Farida Profile

Farida began her journey in fashion in January of 1995, establishing the first-ever Indian designer clothing boutique in Vancouver, Canada. Her goal was to bring to the West the beauty of Indian artisanry, as evidenced in the classic and ornate designs of Indian traditional clothing. Farida began by importing and distributing exclusive Indian-designed garments to her well-heeled and sophisticated clients, each yearning to sample all that India had to offer in the way of rich textiles. No sooner had she established herself as a purveyor of fine Indian clothing, however, when Farida’s fashion sense and style savvy prompted her clients to seek her out to custom-design their Indian-inspired clothing to fit their modern, yet fashionable lifestyles. Her custom designs turned out to be a “hit”, encouraging her to apply to fashion design school after all.

In 2011, Farida graduated from the Fashion Arts Program at Vancouver Community College, earning herself a “Diploma in Fashion Design”. Following her graduation, she decided to launch her own clothing line under her name-sake, fulfilling her life’s passion. Farida debuted her clothing line as part of Vancouver Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2012 collections in November 2011. Her Fall/Winter 2012 collection, scheduled to preview at Vancouver Fashion Week in March 2012, is widely expected to meet with extremely passionate and indulgent reviews as well.

Farida spends her free time with family and friends, whom she loves to entertain and be around. A long time resident of West Vancouver, and an active member within her local community, Farida’s local client list includes such notable local celebrities as Sarah McLachlan and former Miss World Canada, Nazanin Afshin-Jam. Farida’s international client list includes such notable international actors as Dame Judi Dench and Shabana Azmi. Farida finds her strength from all of these inspiring women, as well as her mother, who was also a woman of immense generosity, strength and will.